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Religion fights

Wow, I saw some crazy religion fights in the comments of a Youtube video making fun of the Saudi-Arabian law that women can’t drive there. Hundreds of hate comments by people on this law and the Islam (the Sharia apparently says women can’t drive), hundreds of sexist responses in terrible English that men have divine right to rule over women…

Why tell those Saudi-folks they’re wrong? They aren’t going to change their laws because some European/American Youtube-commenters say so, so let’s not fight an internet-war over it. It’s even scientifically proven that providing a valid argument based on facts actually reinforces the other persons opinion.

I’m just happy I live in a more civilized world that, with less religious nutcases and more individual freedom. And I genuinely hope for everyone there that their society will soon progress to the point they see they’re idiots. I’m not saying their culture or religion is wrong, but they don’t allow individual freedom, or the freedom to leave the group (e.g. become atheist).

In my opinion, everyone has the right to do whatever they want as long as they don’t offend/hurt/otherwise negatively affect anyone else.

Basically, I’m like:
Wanna do drugs? Your choice and your money, I don’t give a fuck if that’s what you want to do, but don’t lie wasted on my porch in your own barf with the needles still sticking in your arm.

Why are there still so many people left on this world who want to enforce their opinion on others?

Also, 300th post!

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